About Me

Why Fashion Buying with Merchandising BA? Maybe not the most obvious degree course for some but for me this seemed to tick all the boxes. My name is Ella-May Emery I am 18 years old from the midlands and currently studying Fashion Buying at De Montfort university. For me fashion was not something which I particularly related to until my older teen years, when I was able to wear what I wanted in college and could think about current styles and trends more.

As my love of fashion grew, so did my interest in designer brands, most importantly Giorgio Armani. Armani did not make his fashion breakthrough till the 1970’s, where he successfully presented his first show in 1974, in a Milan restaurant to a hand full of friends, buyers and journalists shown by White (2000). Armani gradually grew over the next 20 years as in Greenberg (2006) article of the company’s global expansion, it is shown that from 1991 they have been able to distribute 105 stores worldwide.

FIG 1. GIORGIO ARMANI Fall 2018/2019 Milan – Fashion Channel

In today’s business market ELLE.COM (2018) have effectively displayed how Armani are one of the biggest participators of The Milan Fashion Show a Seasonal event respected by fashion lovers across the globe.

Another designer which has influenced my interest in fashion is the well-known designer brand Versace. Versace younger years included studying architecture between 1964 and 1967 (White, 2000), which helped develop his creative side. Later in life he began working with his mother as a buyer.

Today Versace has a large social media presence. A (Vogue , 2018) article, highlights an interview where Donatella Versace tells us what it means to be a woman in 2018, there was also video included where she answered 72 questions regarding her life. The video went viral on Facebook which then spreads the knowledge of the Versace brand.

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