London Fashion Week

London is not only the capital of the UK, but one of the most popular cities to visit for tourists and lovers of fashion. A journal article by Quest, (2014) states ‘People watching in London never disappoints’ showing that unlike some places, peoples individuality can show through, especially regarding what they wear.

For London it was the era of the 1980s when its fashion presence became more apparent as in ‘1983 the British Fashion Council was founded and the first edition of London Fashion Week took place in February 1984’ (Fair, n.d.). During this time the figures such as the late David Bowie were effecting the fashion scene through his style of ‘cross dressing and extreme make up, creating Blitz Kids’ Breward, et al., (2004).


FIG 1- Gods of the Blitz: George O’Dowd and Stephen Linard at the Spandau Ballet concert in Heaven, Dec 29, 1980. Both became international icons, one as popstar, the other as fashion designer,

One of the most prominent designers of the London Fashion weeks is Vivienne Westwood, in 1981 she showed her first seminal collection in London, Tucker, (1998) described the range as ‘Pirates in asymmetrical T-shirts’. She went on to be named British Designer of the Year that year, as well as in 1991 Boyes, (2008). Westwood is still at large today taking part in the 2018 spring/summer London fashion week, her collection is shown on Vogue, (2017).

Today London Fashion Week has developed to one of the most well known and well respected global fashion weeks. Below you can see the highlights from the most recent London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2018.

FIG 2- London Fashion Week Highlights February 2018 in 360 VR

In my opinion London Fashion week has drastically changed from the first show in the 1980’s. Previously its muse was the niche street style of people who lived in the London area. Today the focus is more on trends which everyone can follow, this is due to the rise of social media, and the idea of retail therapy. This however is distinguishing the sense of individuality though dress, something which London Fashion Week was based on.


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